Banner Ad

Placing your company banner ad on all our platforms will help your company be more visible, for brand recognition, and ad targeting.

Our banner ad feature offers you to have total control of your advertising and marketing campaign by uploading your banner ad on both platforms, Web and App, and select how long you want the targeting ad to run, it's as simple as that.

How it works:

  • While signed in as a user, under your profile, or from the home page, you can just click on the menu button "Advertise with us" and follow the prompts.
  • Upload your banner ad for both sizes and dimensions required for both, the Website, and the App.
  • Then you Specify, and enter the link where you want users to be redirected to after clicking on your banner ad for both the Web, and App.
  • Please select the date range for the banner to appear on both platforms (Web and App).
  • You pay for the banner to appear per day for the number of days you have selected.
  • Our Admin will verify your banner ad, then approve it to be displayed on our platforms.


To impress with your banner ad, do the following:

  • Have a Strong Heading

  • Keep the message short and to the point

  • Every banner ad needs to have a strong call to action in order to work

  • Make sure that your call to action is visually engaging


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